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Sister Talks

My thirteen year old sister asked me today “Why do people think that if some one is gay that makes them a pedophile?” She told me about how girls in her grade make jokes about their PE teacher and how she could be looking at them while they get dressed out. 

All I could say is I wonder the same thing, that it is a common misconception. She talked about how she would tell them that gay people are just people and it doesn’t make them like children or teenagers. That she didn’t understand how other kids her age don’t see that gay people are just people. 

This tiny question really turned into a thoughtful conversation about how society still views gay people. About how fear can make people so ignorant. 

I couldn’t be more grateful to have a younger sister that accepts people for who they are, supports people’s life choices, and that defends others that she doesn’t know. It gives me hope for the future, knowing that the youth could be so compassionate.

All my sisters support me in my ”coming out” but for them it didn’t mean anything. They just see me as a person, not a sexuality. They thought I was crazy for telling them that I was gay because they didn’t care about that. 

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have a family like that. Now if only we could find a way to bring that love and support to everyone.

Well I can’t see number 5.. 
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Well I can’t see number 5.. 

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May is Masturbation Month!

So prepare yourselves. Cause I’m excited. 

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Jenna Talackova: Transgender beauty queen kicked out of Miss Universe

A beauty pageant has booted a contestant out the competition after discovering the buxom blonde was born a boy. 

The Miss Universe Canada organizers threw out Jenna Talackova when they found out she had undergone surgery to become a woman. 

The transgendered contestant had already successfully reached the finals in the Miss Vancouver pageant before she was banned from continuing in the competition. 

Although the pageant organizers described Talackova as a ‘real girl’ they disqualified her arguing that the rules state that each contestant must be a ‘naturally born female.’

According to Denis Davila, the national director of Miss Universe Canada, Talackova claimed on her registration form she was born a female. 

But becoming suspicious Davila confronted the 23-year-old about her sex change and the contestant admitted she was actually born a male. 

Despite her pleas to stay in the pageant her confession meant that she was pulled from the contest that same day.

'She feels like a real girl and she is a real girl. She didn’t expect people to question it,' Davila told 

'She was hoping we could put her back in the competition, but the rules are very clear and there’s no way we can go back on it.' 

The decision from the Miss Universe Canada pageant, which is owned by Donald Trump, has sparked outrage with people calling for Jenna to be reinstated into the contest.

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